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2020多倫多華裔小姐競選 圓滿舉行!
December 7, 2020

由新時代電視主辦,城市電視、加拿大中文電台及娛樂生活雜誌協辦之「2020 多倫多華裔小姐競選」已於昨晚 (12月6日) 圓滿舉行。4 號魏詩佳勇奪冠軍,7 號區鈺頤獲得亞軍及友誼小姐,8號鄺瀞甜則取得季軍和「美源髮采亮麗秀髮獎」。「Kingscross Hyundai 最上鏡小姐」得獎者是 2號楊柳。

今年總決賽的司儀組合首次由兩位本地出色節目主持蕭嘉俊及莎菲寶主持,大會的三位評審包括有著名模特兒王旖溪小姐、Miss Intercontinental Canada 2020 & 3rd Princess, Miss World Canada 2020 得主 Ms.Kaitlyn Li 及資深攝影師劉信行先生,而大會核數師則為任志偉先生特許會計師。


在才藝表演環節中,各佳麗向觀眾展示個人的特別才藝。1號馮子瀠充滿自信的小提琴演奏及 5 號馮曉彤彰顯活力的籃球表演,魅力四射,令人眼前一亮;2 號楊柳婀娜多姿的舞蹈加上 7 號區鈺頤的芭蕾及Hip Hop舞節奏歡快利落;3 號温婧將Rap和Hip Hop融合一起與 4 號魏詩佳變化多端的風格舞蹈,走在潮流尖端;6號李尚歌聲繞樑,醉人心扉與 8 號鄺瀞甜動人心弦的鋼琴彈奏及惟妙惟肖繪畫,在這餘音裊裊樂章結束的一刻亦為這個環節畫上優美的休止符。


今年的時裝秀服飾分別以出走世界為主題,觀眾即使安坐家中也可以感受全世界風情:1號馮子瀠打扮以美國自由女神的服裝為主,由她來代表她的出生地就最合適不過;2 號楊柳則以熱情森巴舞登場,像她的個性一樣,熱情洋溢;3 號温婧以非洲民眾服裝帶領觀眾體驗好動熱情的非洲文化;4號魏詩佳一身英倫風格,充分展現女生帥氣的一面,有別於她一直以來恬靜的形象;5 號馮曉彤以俄羅斯傳統民族服裝的造型登場,型格而酷炫;6 號李尚身穿富有中國古典風格的旗袍,舉手投足盡現古典美;7號區鈺頤一身新潮韓國韓服登場,清新自然,別具特色;8 號鄺瀞甜則身穿日本櫻花為點綴的和服,帶領觀眾感受日本的詩情畫意。各佳麗踏著從容不迫的步伐,由內至外散發著她們儀態萬千,活力四射的氣質。

「2020 多倫多華裔小姐競選」為今年盛會劃上完美句號。多謝各贊助商鼎力支持。縱然遇上艱難時刻,大會仍無懼挑戰,打造最美盛事!新時代2 高清台將於 12 月 13 日星期日多倫多時間黃昏 6 點30分播放「2020 多倫多華裔小姐競選」總決賽。有關多倫多華裔小姐競選更多資料請瀏覽大會網頁 www.TorontoChinesePageant.com 或 www.facebook.com/MCTPCanada.

Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2020 Crowns #4 Bella Wei As Its Next Champion!
December 7, 2020

Organized by Fairchild Television, and co-organized by Talentvision, Fairchild Radio, and Popular Lifestyle & Entertainment Magazine, the final for the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2020 wrapped up last night (December 6th, 2020), with #4Bella Wei clinching the Champion title. 1st Runner Up was awarded to #7 Deeana Ou, who also secured the Miss Congeniality title. 2nd Runner Up and the Bigen Silky Hair Award went to #8 Rachel Kuang, with #2 Mia Yang receiving the Kingscross Hyundai Miss Photogenic Award, sponsored by Kingscross Hyundai.

Famous program hosts Leo Shiu and Denise Liang took to the stage as the Master of Ceremony for Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2020. This year’s esteemed judging panel was comprised of runway model Ms. Ishie Wang, Miss Intercontinental Canada 2020 & 3rd Princess, Miss World Canada 2020 Ms. Kaitlyn Li and famous photographer Mr. Franklin Lau. The auditor for the Pageant was Mr. Alexis Yam, C.A.

Though the Pageant was unable to operate in a format that has been familiar with all for the past quarter of a decade, currently in its 26th year, new and innovative means utilized to give the audience a surprise in the face of a worldwide pandemic and the challenges brought forward.

To complete the filming for different stages of the Finals, filming locations stretched to over 20 places across Toronto. Amid a world pandemic, they encountered numerous obstacles, including consulting, coordinating and applying for filming permits and finding suitable filming venues. Under an unprecedented situation, the filming team and the eight finalists needed to cooperate as much as possible to complete filming while maintaining mandated social-distancing measures. Despite the difficulties, teamwork does make the dream work, with an unforgettable show in the books.

The talent portion provided an opportunity for the finalists to show off their special talents to audiences.#1 Krista Fung's violin performance to Camilla Cabello's hit Havana and#5 Nicole Fung's basketball moves to Head In The Game was eye-catching and charming. #2 Mia Yang's ethnic dance and #7 Deeana Ou's ballet/hip-hop combo was lively and spiritous. #3 Jing Wen merged her impressive Look At Me Now rap skills with her hip-hop talents, while #4 Bella Wei took on a mashup of Skinny Love and Blackpink's How You Like That with a contemporary/k-pop dance. And with #6 Tina Li's jazzy rendition of Grasp and #8 Rachel Kuang's piano playing and drawing, audiences and judges alike were excited to see what was in store for them next.

In the swimsuit Question &Answer session, the finalists donned chic swimsuits and put their public speaking skills to the test with our Master of Ceremonies duo. They embodied the beauty of pageantry, both inside and out, and showcased their confidence to the fullest.

The theme for this year’s fashion show segment was ‘different parts of the world’, allowing audiences to experience different countries and their culture from the comfort of their own home. #1 Krista Fung embodied her birthplace with her Statue of Liberty look, while #2 Mia Yang's Brazillian-inspired look incorporated her personality and enthusiasm in life. #3 Jing Wen led the audience to experience an active and passionate African culture while donning one of their folk costumes, while #4Bella Wei took on a more masculine style with her British-inspired look. #5Nicole Fung embodied grace in her elegant Russian-inspired gown while #6 Tina Li's Chinese-style cheongsam featured the charms of classical times. #7 Deeana Ou donned a trendy Korean hanbok to illustrate a natural yet unique side to Korean culture while #8 Rachel Kuang's Japanese kimono with cherry blossoms unveiled the fine side to Japanese poetry and painting. The finalists took a calm and unhurried pace, exuding their demeanour and energetic temperament from the inside to the outside.

Thank you to all the sponsors who helped make the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2020 a huge success!

If you missed the broadcast on Fairchild TV 1, don’t fret: the whole show will air again on Fairchild TV 2 on December 13th, 2020 (Sunday) at 6:30pm.

For more information on the Pageant, please visit www.TorontoChinesePageant.com or www.facebook.com/MCTPCanada.

2020多倫多華裔小姐競選現正接受報名 截止日期9月9日
August 11, 2020
為理想追夢   擁抱挑戰

由新時代電視主辦,城市電視、加拿大中文電台及娛樂生活雜誌協辦之《2020多倫多華裔小姐競選》,這個萬眾期待的美麗盛舉,今年將會以創新的型式舉辦,令各佳麗體驗獨一無二的經歷 ,追求更豐盛人生,閃耀成長。大會為了讓這個萬眾期待的美麗盛舉繼續呈現觀眾眼前,各候選佳麗將一如既往在追夢過程中接受導師們嚴格訓練,務求在《2020多倫多華裔小姐競選》以全新形象展現在觀眾面前。這個能改寫美麗人生的難得機會就在眼前。多年來,「多倫多華裔小姐競選」活動得以成功舉辦,乃是建基於新時代電視客戶的大力支持,同時也成了團隊繼續向前的最大動力。本年度「多倫多華裔小姐競選」將在十二月初於新時代電視播出!


如果妳擁有盡態極妍的外在與蘭姿蕙質的內涵,請把握機會,為自己留下美好的回憶,豐富人生閱歷。踏出第一步報名參加《2020多倫多華裔小姐競選》,或推薦身邊符合條件的女性參加。報名請於2020年9月9日下午六點前在此網站遞交或於9月9日當日下午兩點至六點前親臨新時代電視台遞交,詳情可致電 (905) 889-8090查詢。報名截止日期為9月9日(星期三)晚六時。一個小小改變成就不一樣的美,那扇突破自我、豐富人生閱歷的大門現正為妳敞開。



(一) 參選者必須為未結婚、從未懷孕的女性;



(四) 參選者必須有提名人推薦。

Deadline to apply for the Miss Toronto Chinese Pageant 2020 is September 9th, 2020.
August 11, 2020
Take a leap and re-write your story!

Organized by Fairchild Television, and co-organized by Talentvision, Fairchild Radio and Popular Lifestyle & Entertainment Magazine, the long-awaited Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant is back again.

Preparations are underway as this year’s Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2020 returns in an exciting and innovative fashion, bringing with it new adventures in self-growth and discovery. The Pageant has helped countless women step onto a bigger stage, gain confidence and cultivate life-long friendships; this year is no exception. Recognized as one of the most anticipated events of the year, this highly-rated entertaining show in the Chinese-Canadian community will once again bring poise and elegance to viewers in early December.

The finalists who advance to the finals will undergo months of intensive training, learning and sharpening their skills in areas including image, makeup, modelling, choreography, hair styling, mannerisms, pageant etiquette and more. They will put their newfound and refined skills to the test as they participate in promo shoots and publicity events.

The online application form for Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant 2020 can be found below. If you wish to submit the form in-person, please visit the Fairchild Television office on September 9th, 2020 between the hours of 2pm and 6pm EST. For more details, please call 905-889-8090. The deadline to apply is September 9th, 2020 (Wednesday) at 6pm EST.

Applicants must be Canadian residents between the ages of 17 and 27 and must be recommended by a nominator. The nominator of the champion will also receive a round trip ticket from Toronto to Hong Kong.

Applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Applicant must be a woman who is unmarried and has never been pregnant;
  2. Applicant must be 17 years old before August 1st, 2020 and not exceed 28 years old (calculated in the Western calendar) before February 28th, 2021;
  3. Applicant must be Canadian residents on the date of signing the registration form, and have resided in Canada for six months or more, or have stayed in Canada for a total of one year or more;
  4. Applicants must be nominated by a nominator.