12月2日 (星期六) 8:00PM 大多倫多中華文化中心 何伯釗劇院
December 2nd (Saturday) 8:00PM Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto
Special Guest Performer

Laird Zhou 羽田


羽田畢業於多倫多大學後便回到中國發展。2013年擔任古裝神話劇《聊齋傳奇》音樂製作人;2014年演出個人首部電視劇《我的青春高八度》;2015年入圍《中國好歌曲第二季》蔡健雅組四強,自己詞曲創作並演唱寫給爸爸的歌 —《讓你幸福》,感動劉歡 、周華健及蔡健雅等天王天后級歌手,成為中國好歌曲十大金曲之一,並推出個人原創單曲《我的追隨》。其後,於2016年推出首張個人EP專輯《我是羽田》。同年參加《中國新歌聲》,成為周杰倫戰隊隊員。



Laird Zhou was born in Shanghai. He is a singer, singer-songwriter, and actor, who won the first runner-up in the New Talent Singing Awards in 2010 organized by FairchildTV. He was also the overall champion of the 4th Canadian Chinese Song-Writers Quest organized by Fairchild Radio in 2011.

After graduating from the University of Toronto, Laird went back to China for his music career, including working as the music producer of the costume mythological drama “Liaozhai New Compilation” in 2013, performed in his first TV series "My Youth High Eight Degrees" in 2014. In 2015, he was shortlisted for the top four of Tanya Chua's team in "Song of China Season 2". In the competition, he wrote a touching song that dedicated to his father, touched judges and fans, which became one of the top ten in "Song of China". In 2016, Laird released his first solo EP and participated in "Sing! China - Season 1", became a member of Jay Chou's team.

Laird just completed a master's program in psychology and officially became a psychotherapist. However, he is still passionate about music. He has composed songs for singers like Mike Tsang, Oscar Tao, Lala Hsu and Yang Kun.

Laird feels like he is belonged to music and creation when he first being on stage, and founding himself in music.